We provide quality innovative aerial services tailored to meet your needs.

services Hawkeye Drone Services provides aerial inspection, monitoring, mapping and data collection services tailored to your needs. With the use of the triple head camera on our inspection drone, we can capture high res stills along with HD and Thermal video imagery. By safely capturing aerial images and then processing them with our software, we can create things like geo-referenced maps to manage land resources, or 3D models of buildings and infrastructure. Hawkeye can provide data efficiently, safely and in a more cost effect manner than traditional methods.
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Gear Hawkeye Drone Services utilises a variety of specialised equipment to provide you with the accurate maps, aerial images and 3D models that you needed to make informed decisions.
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Industries Hawkeye Drone Services offers a wide variety of aerial imaging services thoughout Atlantic Canada with the use of our specialized drones, cameras and processing software. We work with various levels of government, universities, agriculture consultants, insurance adjusters, landfill and golf course operators, utility providers as well as the construction and mining industry. Hawkeye provides aerial inspection, mapping, monitoring and data collection services tailored to meet your needs.
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We Provide

aerial imagery services safely, quickly and more economically than traditional methods.

Hawkeyes drones safely gather aerial images that we quickly process into data you can use to make informed decisions.  Our inspection drone can safely access areas once thought impossible to access by traditional methods. Survey grade maps that once took weeks to produce are provided in just a few days. Contact us today to see how Hawkeye can add value to your next project.

Hawkeye Drone Services Ltd complies with all Transport Canada Unmanned Aerial Vehicle regulations and has 2.5 million dollars of Liability Insurance in place.  We have been trained and certified by the drone manufacturer on the use of our drones and all associated specialized software, completed Unmanned Aerial Systems ground school training, tough by a Transport Canada Certified Pilot Instructor and, hold an Aeronautical Radio Certificate issued by Industry Canada.