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Drones have become an important tool in the construction industry. At Hawkeye Drone Services we provide Engineers, Architects’, Government Agencies and Construction Companies with the raw data they need to make informed decisions. The imagery collected by our drones can be used for surveying, to monitor construction progress, insure work safe practices, measure stockpiles, manage resources, reduce downtime and help construction projects stay on schedule and budget.

As your project begins, Hawkeye can capture high resolution photos and process them into geo- referenced survey grade maps of your site and create 3D models of any adjacent buildings. These can simply be imported into your preferred modeling software to begin your land management and building design. All of this is done safely, within a few days, at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

Once construction starts our professional drones capture aerial images quickly for you to evaluate progress, inspect structures, monitor installation, track resources, assess safety requirements and coordinate activities. By keeping track of your project from start to finish, you’ll have a record of the project for both you and your client. Use the collected data to improve work practices on your next project, saving time and money. Aerial imagery also makes for great marketing to highlight your projects. For a full list of activities, please check out our services page.

One of the great services we provide the construction industry is the ability to provide 3D models of existing buildings for you to begin a renovation project. The raw data we provide can be used to make important decisions regarding repairs and renovations. With our professional inspection drone, we can access areas once thought too costly or unsafe. All this is done safer, faster and with less cost than standard practices.

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Hawkeye Drone Services can help support your next claim. Hawkeye uses professional drones for inspection, mapping, monitoring and data collection. We provide you imagery to evaluate building damage caused by a natural disaster or to investigate what caused the damage. With the use of our drones we can safely get the raw data you need to make decisions regarding your claim.

Long gone are the days of the insurance adjuster travelling to a site, putting themselves in harm’s way to inspect a roof or evaluate storm damages. Hawkeye Drone Services can improve your data collection by making it faster, safer and more cost effective than traditional methods.

We provide the insurance industry with video, stills and thermal imagery for their review to help facilitate a quick turnaround on claims. We can also construct 3D models and provide a record of assets. For a full list of activities, please check out our services page.

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Anyone involved in mining knows that worker safety is of paramount importance. By allowing Hawkeye Drone Services to collect accurate data from above, we can vastly reduce risk by minimizing the time staff spend within the work area.

Not only can Hawkeye provide you with geo-referenced 2D & 3D images of your site for planning and analyzation, we also inspect conveyer belts (thermal imaging) and provide you with the imagery needed to calculate stockpile volumes and management site activities, so you can optimize your business.

Our drone based data collection can also boost productivity. Projects that once took days or weeks using traditional surveying techniques are now possible in about 24-48 hours. Plus, thanks to the drone’s ability to collect data from above, there is no downtime required while surveyors move around a pit, as can be the case when using terrestrial surveying instruments. Hawkeye provides services safer, quicker and with less expense than traditional methods.

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Our services are a great way to reduce risk and save money.

Hawkeye’s drones can do just about anything utility companies are hesitant to send people to do… inspect wind turbines, monitor power lines, inspect oil and gas pipelines, pinpoint a malfunctioning solar panel, look for cracks in water towers, or inspect a communications tower. Hawkeye can provide still, HD and thermal video images along with a variety of other outputs like geo referenced 2D & 3D models for you to evaluate and make informed decisions.

Hawkeye’s professional inspection drone can be deployed and at the top of a utility tower in less than a few minutes and carefully examine the structure from any angle. The on-board camera captures all essential information and provides a live video stream back to the ground control station. While this is being accomplished, all personnel are safe on the ground. By performing the inspection in less time than traditional methods such as industrial climbers or helicopters, we can save you money.

Our professional inspection drone is packed full of safety features, provides sub-millimeter image resolution and provides a variety of outputs you require to make informed decisions. We can provide aerial inspection services quickly, efficiently and with less cost than traditional methods.

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Golf Courses

Hawkeye Drone Services can provide your course with geo-referenced maps for planning, assessing storm damage and course maintenance. We can create vegetation maps to monitor course health and provide HD video flyovers to display on your web page. What golfer doesn’t love the idea of seeing a video flyover or topographical map to assess how they will attack the course from the comfort of their home? The data provided can increase maintenance staff’s production by quickly evaluating what areas need water, fertilizer or in need of repair.

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Our professional drones have several applications that can assist the environmental industry. Hawkeye can deploy a drone to assist with animal management and conservation, terrain modeling and mapping, monitor erosion, forest degradation, river and flood assessment, regulation enforcement, storm damage assessment, or planting campaign planning. With the use of our Near Infrared Band Camera we provide images for you to analyze plant health, soil properties, moisture analysis and a variety of other plant conservation monitoring data. Our profession drones and specialized processing software allow us to provide services quickly, safely and with less cost than traditional methods.

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Drones are revolutionizing the farming industry. Hawkeye Drone Services can provide your farm with vital data to optimize yields and manage your land.

Hawkeye’s professional agriculture drone gathers aerial imagery safely and then we processed the imagery into useable data you require quickly. We can create a variety of maps for you or your agriculture consultant to assess crops and make informed decisions. Evaluate soil moisture, plant health, monitor erosion, design irrigation systems, plant counting, detect weeds and so much more. The data can even be exported to third party software to create application maps.

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Aerial imagery has always benefited the world of Archaeology. Now it can be provided with more detail, faster and safer than traditional methods. Hawkeye Drone Services can provide you with a 3D model of your site, terrain and geo referenced maps, along with monitoring and aerial imaging services all tailored for your project. Our drones can be deployed quickly in remote location and have very little environmental impacted as they are powered by rechargeable batteries. Aerial imagery is gathered and processed quickly so you get the data you need within 24-48hours after the flight.

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