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Hawkeye Drone Services offers a wide variety of aerial imaging services thoughout Atlantic Canada with the use of our specialized drones, cameras and processing software.
We work with various levels government, universities, agricultural consultants, insurance adjusters landfill and golf courses operators, utility providers and with the construction and mining industry. Hawkeye provides aerial inspection, mapping, monitoring and data collection services tailored to meet your needs.



Our specialized inspection drone can provide data, economically, safely and quickly, starting your inspection without the required up-front time and expense of building scaffolding or hiring boom trucks. With the use of Hawkeye’s inspection drone we access areas safely by removing people from dangerous work environments and provide an exciting new view. Our drone also allows us to capture HD video, still and thermal imagery during the same flight, without landing to change cameras. With the use of Hawkeye’s professional inspection drone’s many features including distance lock and cruise control, we can fly close to structures to achieve sub-millimeter image resolution. Check Our Gear for more features and benefits of our inspection drone.

Hawkeye’s inspection services include;

  • Roof and Buildings
  • Bridge and overpasses
  • Wind Turbines
  • Power Lines
  • Solar Panel hot spot detection
  • Communication Towers
  • Water towers
  • Pipelines and Tanks

Once your inspection has been completed, we process the imagery and, within 24-48 hours we provide you with 2D maps, 3D models, stills, HD and thermal video images enabling you to make informed decisions regarding restoration and repairs. Our 3D models can be provided in variety of formats such as PDF, and CAD so you have a base to begin your next renovation project without spending days creating as-builts.

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Mapping & Surveying

Hawkeye’s professional mapping drone can provide a level of insight that’s invaluable to construction, land and resource management. Our 2D orthomosaics, 3D point Clouds and Digital Elevation Models created with our specialized software will provide you the data you need to make informed decisions. Some of the things these maps can be used for are – coastal and forestry management, planning road and building locations, record of assets, short and long term planning, feasibility studies, stockpile calculations, road construction cut and file requirements, terrain modeling and regulatory enforcement. In addition to capturing high-resolution geo-referenced images, and creating index and application maps, our processing software can produce a wide range of additional data outputs across several file formats. Our mapping drones can provide data economically, easily, quickly and with less risk and more detail than manned flights or satellite imagery. Hawkeye Drone Services can typically provide maps within just a few days. That’s months before a traditional surveyor can have CAD ready maps completed.


Hawkeye Drone Services can provide monitoring services that will revolutionize the way you see data and make crucial decisions. Our aerial images can be used to monitor erosion, evaluate storm damage, construction progress, aid in forestry and environmental management as well as regulatory enforcement. Hawkeye’s drones can provide monitoring services economically, easily, quickly, with less risk and more detail than traditional methods.

Because we can save our flight plans for future use, we can provide the same view over and over again for your monitoring needs. This allows you to have the same perspective of your intended objective each time we perform a flight for you, making it easier for you to compare information over the duration of your project.

Data Collection

Drones are now playing a important role in research projects. New and exciting data that was once too costly or dangerous to obtain can now be provided safely and economically.

Not only can we capture high res images with our 18.2MP camera, we can also change the on board camera of our fixed wing drone and acquire image data in the near infrared band, the region where high plant reflectance occurs. With the use of this camera we can provide imagery used for a variety of applications: biomass indication, growth monitoring, crop discrimination and leaf area indexing. Our specialized aerial images are beneficial to research projects carried out by Universities, Research Firms and the Agriculture, Forestry and Environmental industry.

We abide by all Transport Canada Unmanned Aerial Vehicle regulations.